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Concrete Living Room

Textures from
Coffee table model by TexasFunk101 (;
Artwork and Ceiling Lamp from (images by smntfl);
Bamboo model by nmn9 from (I loved it).
Some materials done on Substance Designer.
Using HDRI from
Done in blender and rendered in cycles with render street (
Minor post processing done on krita.

Vinicius hernandes apartmentmentcopy 00001

Final Image

Vinicius hernandes apartmentmentcopy 000012

Color Grading 2

Vinicius hernandes apartmentment212cam2copy 00001

Support shot 1 (low-res)

Vinicius hernandes apartmentment212cam3 00001asduw

Support shot 2 (low-res)

Vinicius hernandes clay

OpenGL Render

Vinicius hernandes passes

Diffuse and Glossy Passes

Vinicius hernandes viewport