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Secret Valley

I actually hate this image, I decided to do something different of what I use to do, and went for a fantasy/dreamy image, and most of it was really painful, some things I just couldn't get right, so, most of it was just "f*ck it, I'll figure it out in post processing".
But yes, I really learned a lot (and that was the main idea), especially on post processing, I know it's not good, it has it's terrible flaws, but at least I could get something publishable (I think).

Third party stuff I've used:

Grass Free addon from 3D-Wolf
PBR Materials 3 from 3D-Wolf
"Bricks Lumpy" material by Game Textures
Trees by xfrog
WaterBeauty by Shimoon (BlendSwap)
"Black Hole" Material and Stars texture by Gleb Alexandrov
"Jelly" material by grs (BlendSwap)

Vinicius hernandes valleyfinal

Final Image

Vinicius hernandes clay


Vinicius hernandes passes

Diffuse/Gloss/AO Passes

Vinicius hernandes raw1080

Raw Render