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Grungy Living Room

Here's this week render, I felt like making another living room, for no particular reason.
My original idea was to sort of remake one of my old images (that I unpublished because it's really bad), so I went online and got some pictures from the mood that I tried to create the first time, and ended up with something completely different from my old render, both on mood and aesthetics.

Textures from ;
Material Pipeline 1.0 (link below);
some images from

Some materials from Reynante's CMV (Fur, Metal 02 and Plastic)
HDRI from

Done in Blender, rendered in Cycles, post processed in Krita.

Links: (lots of awesome free textures) ; (Plant that I couldn't shade right so I put it behind the sofa)

Vinicius hernandes finalfinal

Final Image

Vinicius hernandes clay

OpenGL Render

Vinicius hernandes passes

Diffuse/Gloss/AO Passes