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So, I was just thinking about stuff like coffee and soda one of these days, and I wanted to put some of those thoughts together in a image. Also, I wanted to put my basic skills in practice, since I've spent last January sculpting. So here I've done some Hard Surface modelling, sculpting, dynamic painting, texturing, shading, hair particles, Metaballs, even tried rigging with one of my original butterfly models, but the model just didn't worked out here.


4k download:

Textures from and
Using CMV's Coffee material.
Using HDRI from
Butterfly model by KirilKarpenko (Link below)

Done in Blender, rendered in Cycles, post processed in Krita. And I've also used Substance Designer to make a normal map for the butterfly.


Vinicius hernandes final1080vig

Final Image

Vinicius hernandes finalcrop1

4K Crop 1 (this model saved me)

Vinicius hernandes finalcrop2

4k Crop 2 (some sculpting and dynamic painting)

Vinicius hernandes passes

Diffuse/Gloss/AO Passes

Vinicius hernandes ao1080

Ambient Occlusion

Vinicius hernandes opengl